• Qigong & Tai Chi

    posture tai chi Anne

    The weekly Tai Chi & Qigong classes are on Tuesday morning and Thursday evening in Eindhoven in the area Meerhoven. Tai Chi & Qi gong is a pleasant method to keep your body in a good shape.

    If you have an office job for example, this could be the ideal way to release tension. The movements are fluent and soft and you can experience a certain flow. The reason that Tai chi is so popular and practised all over the world nowadays is because of the beneficial effects on health.

  • Tuina treatment

    tuina massage

    A Tuina treatment increases circulation, relaxes muscles and tendons and it has a positive effect on your nerve system and your immune system. It is a perfect preventive treatment, because the balancing effect is very beneficial for your health. It also has very good techniques that can be applied just to relax the body.

    Furthermore, Tuina is a good remedy for many physical discomforts. A treatment can relieve pains in the back and headaches. Also it is effective to treat the limbs, like a frozen shoulder or injuries of the knee.

  • Yoga

    meditation during yoga in Eindhoven

    A yoga class consists of active and relaxing exercises, they are based on Hatha yoga, from the ancient Indian knowledge. By doing the exercises you will slowly create a strong, flexible, fit and loose body. The exercises guide you to listen more to your body.

    They help as well to increase health and the overall stamina and at the same time it is a great mind expanding experience which inspires you to let go more mentally and physically.


Diep active & mindful

Welcome at Diep’s website! The aim of the treatments and services that I offer is to increase your comfort. A part of my treatments are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For ages a TCM treatment was and is still used to prevent people from getting ill. The TCM view of health is very inspiring because it works balancing, preventive and effective.

The Tuina treatments are a important part of my program. A treatment is an effective remedy for a lot of physical problems as well as for psychological problems. That is why it has very beneficial effect on stress related problems. The effect of a treatment can make a significant difference in your wellbeing.

A problem someone faces is always to be seen in context of the other function of the person. Therefore, I like to see a person in his entirety. Sports and food play an import role to keep your body healthy. By doing this you learn to listen to your body. thus to put yourself in control of your health. You will become mentally and physically stronger and more flexible.

About Anna

Anne Diepenbrock

t is an inspiration for me to see someone getting more insight in his of her own personal and natural strengths. From early on I have a desire to travel and to immerse myself in different cultures. Trough the travels I gained more insight in my own natural strengths.